Law Concealment Systems Deep Cover Holsters

I was thrilled to receive the box that John Barnett, President of Law Concealment Systems, sent containing 2 of his deep concealment holsters, the LCSB and the LCS II ½.  My first impression was that there was a lot of thought put into the design, addressing a few issues of other concealment holsters while keeping it very simple. I tried the LCSB first, which is made of ballistic nylon. This design fit my Sig Sauer P225 and my Kimber Eclipse Pro, which is within itself was a nice thing. Both are designed to give the wearer a choice of either a vertical or an angled grab of the pistol.  I tried the rig both ways and it was more comfortable for me to have my pistol angled, making it easier to grab. 



Breaking in the holster took about a half day’s wear. After that, the gun seemed to mold with the Ballistic Nylon and it became a bit more flexible. I love how I can take this holster on and off as easily, if not easier than a paddle holster. With this rig, I can wear jeans and a T-shirt and no one will have a clue. 


Next was the LCS II ½.  This holster fit my Snub nose 38 great. I tried it with my wife’s Keltec P32, but it was a bit large for the gun.  The website states that they do have a holster for the smaller autos.  Once again, the break in was no problem.  I am not much of a revolver person, but in this even the 38 was comfortable.


Overall Opinion…  LOVE IT!!  Hands down, the best concealment holster I have ever used. This holster design gives you the concealment that you want and the accessibility that you need. 


John sent me an email and told me that his rigs are at the Sig Academy and are recommended by H&K.  This I can believe, they are great. 

If you want to know more about Law Concealment, you can check out their website @