Federal 9mm Hydra-Shock 135 gr

This ammo was a mainstay when I first started carrying a weapon. Its what all the local LEO carried. And from what the ads looked like it looked promising. This ammo is not a traditional hollow point. It has a post in the center that aids in penetrating things such as barriers while retaining stopping power. The published  velocity and energy on this ammo is as follows: Muzzle velocity of 1060fps with 337ft lbs of energy, and at 25yrs a velocity of 1026fps and 316ft lbs of energy. 

Most of my testing is taking into consideration what happed to the bullet down range and what happens to it if you miss. 



The water test yielded picture perfect expansion.  While the sheet rock results were not as picture perfect. The bullet passed through 9 layers and stopped in the 10th  this is the equivalent of 5 interior walls. The expansion results of this test were minimal at best. 


My Personal opinion.. To me if I were going to have a home defense ammo in a pistol it would be a bit less penetration than that. But for common CCW carry the added expansion would give you the needed power to break though Glass of a car, or Business if needed. I would still recommend this ammo, it just depends on what scenario you were in, for home defense I would have to say no.